The future is data-driven radio

Vijay Solanki is the new digital chief at Southern Cross Austereo. ITNews for Australian Business refers to him as the digital media guru who travelled, two months ago, from the Amsterdam headquarters of former employer Phillips to the opposite end of the globe.


In a interview with Paris Cowan for ITNews, Solanki gives some interesting answers about the future of data-driven radio:

There is absolutely a future for a company to try and use that same model – referring to Netflix‘s data analysis for creating programming based on its viewers’ preferences –  from an audio perspective. It becomes a data-driven model of consumption and you start to create bespoke content based on that consumption.

We Southern Cross Austereo – have good foundation but the analytics world is one that is moving super fast, so I think we need to move up the gears and I think we can move faster.

I absolutely see a future where you and I may both be listening to Hamish and Andy – drive time hosts on Hit and 2Day, but I’m served different ads to you because my profile and my needs are different to yours.

Apple already has an ecosystem. They have the credit cards of hundreds of millions of consumers and that gives them a lot of leverage. What they don’t have is unique, compelling local content. So I think what organisations like ours need to do is play to our strengths, that is what we’re good at.

In most of my recent conversations about data driven radio – you can imagine that I talk pretty much about it – Netflix has come up as a reference. I hope professionals like Vijay start generating success stories in radio, so we can soon mention Southern Cross Austereo, iHeartRADIO or Bauer Radio as examples of big data applied to a smarter, faster and therefore more efficient content programming in radio.

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