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Agile radio

I help radio stations become agile. What does that mean?

Radio can learn, improve and react faster to listeners who are changing audio consumption habits and spending less time with our medium. Radio stations are used to be fast for being first, but we need the mindset shift of being fast for being better. That is being agile.

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I don’t get the hype about smart speakers for radio

Diving in existing research to explain why I don’t believe the smart speaker will become the central device for audio listening among young listeners. Also, I don’t see how the smart speaker might save linear radio. More likely, it will accelerate its decline.

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Aplicando Lean en radio

La radio puede ser Lean si pone la experiencia del oyente en el centro e incorpora el feedback continuo de la audiencia a cada uno de los procesos de trabajo en la organización.

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Pensamientos “Sobre Radio” en voz alta: radio joven

Sin experimentación no hay innovación, en radio tampoco. Sin profesionales de radio jóvenes apasionados, tampoco habrá oyentes jóvenes apasionados. Para recuperar al oyente joven, nuestros equipos deben primar aprendizaje, por encima de crecimiento.

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Bringing Lean to radio

Radio could become Lean by putting listener experience in the center and incorporating continuous feedback from the audience into every work process across the organisation.

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Proposition for radio airchecks

My proposal for airchecks intends to push cooperative self-evaluation in radio. The goal is to facilitate assimilation and, therefore, speed up improvement.

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