Hey morning-show host! This is why you should own listener engagement measurement.

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If I sent you this article it’s probably because we recently met and you told me something similar to this:

“Oh, wow, this is very interesting! I’m going to tell my colleagues back at the radio station about you.”

Firstly, many thanks for that. Secondly, I’ll try to make it easy for you to transmit to your colleagues what Voizzup does. You can just share this article with them or tell them this:

  • Voizzup helps on-air teams evaluate their content daily through data-analysis.
  • The insights Voizzup provides you with, unlike traditional audience research, are based on behaviours, are daily and have second-by-second granularity.
  • Voizzup services are built on three pillars: technology, mindset and methodology, which sustain our framework for continuous content improvement in radio.

Cool, huh? What radically changes content evaluation in radio is something else though:

Voizzup puts second-by-second listener engagement measurement in the hands of the on-air team, daily. You are the ones that know both your content and your audience best. You are the ones capable of interpreting data, finding patterns, understanding behaviours, figuring out reasons, deciding tweaks. You are the ones indispensable for turning continuous insights into improvement on-air.

Special skills, specific education or a focus twist are not required. Just being able to see first hand, daily, the impact everything you say or do on-air has on your audience will make you more aware, more responsible, more confident, more creative. Becoming bolder will make you also more engaging to listeners.

On-air teams in both public and commercial, news&talk and music radio stations, in a number of European countries have already introduced Voizzup framework for continuous content improvement in radio. Would you like to join them? Let’s talk!

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