Format Clocks Evaluation

Published by José Ángel Liso on LinkedIn Pulse

At Voizzup we love working with technology to help radio stations learn and improve. That’s why we have been working on a new service to check the health of format clocks.

Until now a station had to produce demos, design questionnaires and make decisions based on the perception of a small sample of listeners. It was time consuming, expensive and results became quickly outdated.

Nowadays your listeners are continuously providing you with feedback as they listen to aired content from their smartphones. At Voizzup we have developed data collection and analysis algorithms that aggregate listener’s behaviours for every section, on every hour, 24/7. And we turn all that data into valuable insights that help you make decisions based on actual reactions, consistently processed and always up-to-date.

With Voizzup you can answer almost every question that crosses your mind, at any time. Does the main topic perform better on the first or the third quarter-hour? How do commercial breaks affect the TSL? You might also wonder which sequence of elements could be more engaging for your audience.

The times of blind gambling are over, nowadays you can simply air several options for a couple of weeks, while measuring and tracking their performance. And then evaluate the results to make a decision. Embrace the freedom of evolving formats from the cold winter days through the blossoming spring. Remember that you are not stuck to a fixed decision for a whole season any longer. Today you could get updated information from your listeners for every broadcasted hour. Use it to free your creativity and put your ideas on air!

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