Find out if you are keeping your listeners engaged!

You don’t need us to tell you how crucial time spent listening is for your share, therefore for your advertisement revenue.

We don’t discover anything new if we say it’s all about audience engagement. Give your listeners one opportunity to get bored and they will just leave.

You, Programme Director, Morning Show Producer or host, know how persistently you and your team need to pursue one single goal: keeping your listeners engaged. And you do so by making sure your programme contains interesting topics, relevant information, entertaining content, funny segments, authentic personalities, current stories or even controversial subjects. In every quarter hour segment. Anything but leaving your listener indifferent. Or even worse… turned off.


Some stations end up using quite unconventional tactics to address engagement issues, like 90.3 AMP in Calgary, Canada.

These guys had the great idea of offering twice as much music per hour so the listeners don’t get bored… by cutting the songs in half!

Genius eh? (Is it? really?) But what if your station is news&talk? Well, you can always cut your personalities in half. Wouldn’t that bring your station some hype?

At Voizzup we are quite atypical, but probably not that much. We prefer focusing on the qualificatives that we used in a couple of paragraphs above: interesting, relevant, entertaining, funny, authentic, current, controvert… We think the most effective way for double-checking you are all those, or some, is measuring.

What do we need to measure?

This brings us back to the initial point: Voizzup measures listeners engagement.

And how do we measure engagement?

Well, we could tell you that we measure every listener interaction with the existing mobile app of your station while each of them listens naturally. We would say as well that we don’t miss a single click (play, pause, volume up or down, share, etc) so the information we extract is essentially qualitative.

But we prefer showing you. This is what we call Engagement Map. Brief explanation: reach per minute in white, increases of attention in red, decreases of attention in blue.

Have fun moving the cursor to the most and least engaging moments of the show!

Engagement News & Talk from Voizzup on Vimeo.

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