Disclosure back on Beats 1 after saying goodbye

One of the nicest discoveries I made with Beats 1Apple‘s radio – was the show hosted by Disclosure. I found these two brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, as elegant creating Electronic Dance Music tunes as hosting a radio show. They said it was their first time doing radio. They sounded calm and balanced. The show was simple but very well produced. Howard and Guy showed the same great taste in front of the microphone than behind the decks or the computer when creating their music.

A couple of weeks ago, Disclosure aired the last show. After their goodbye, there was no Disclosure‘s show on Beats 1 last weekend.

However yesterday this happened:

Was Beats 1 reacting to a drop in listening figures last weekend?

Why am I writing this? Not just because I actually loved Disclosure‘s show, but because it gives me an opportunity to insist in an idea I’ve been repeating lately:

Data enables faster learning cycles in radio programming.

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