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Who I am

My name is Tommy Ferraz. For the past twenty years, I’ve worked in radio in multiple positions and formats. Throughout my career, I've supervised and coached dozens of teams in programming, audience research, music scheduling, news, sound production and on-air talents. Currently, I help professionals in both news&talk and music, public and commercial radio stations introduce Continuous Improvement techniques in their daily workflows.

Listener feedback

Listening behaviours are transforming at a faster pace than the radio industry itself.
Only continuous feedback will prevent us from falling behind.

What we'll do

Understanding listeners needs and monitoring listener experience can't be a task only for Marketing department. Knowing how your audience thinks, feels and behaves must be everybody's job at the station. I will help your team:


On listeners needs


With listeners needs


For meeting listeners needs

Constant self-evaluation > Daily learning > Continuous Improvement

How we'll do it

Transforming on-air talent development, content evaluation and innovation in your organisation. Introducing a new mindset (kaizen) and training the team of the station for self-evaluation through a combination of traditional air-check techniques in radio and methodologies for Continuous Improvement.


Kaizen mindset applied to evaluation techniques in radio


Assumptions are treated as hypothesis and tested to validate or refute


Hypotheses are tested against feedback from listeners


Safe environment for experimentation thanks to shorter learning cycles

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