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Agility in Radio

4 ways big-data will change radio

Big-data guru, Bernard Marr, believes that big data and its implications will affect every single business and change how we do business, inside and out. Let’s do the exercise of applying Marr’s observations to radio.

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After the non-linear radio

Listening behaviours are shifting. Young listeners don’t understand why radio content has to be subordinated to fixed schedules. In order to keep up time spent listening among young listeners radio needs to start experimenting with non-linear models.

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Big-data in radio at the service of human talent

Data to feed not just artificial intelligent systems, but primarily human teams. To boost the talent and creativity of professionals with emotions, empathy, intuition and care for details. At the service of experts in creating engaging content. That’s the big-data in radio that I believe in.

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Hybrid radio: why we need it today

Information on screen, engaging visual content and additional interactive features that invite listeners to stay tuned longer. That’s what hybrid radio enables, regardless of the technology used for carrying the audio.

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The future is data-driven radio

Vijay Solanki, new digital chief at Southern Cross Austereo, believes in a future in which data-driven radio stations will create bespoke content based on listeners’ preferences.

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Data-driven music test for radio

Big data used in music research for radio: audience’s spontaneous reactions during natural listening are captured through the mobile app of the radio station in the smartphone of thousands of listeners and turned into meaningful information for the station’s team.

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