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Agility in Radio

On-air teams must own listener engagement measurement in radio.

The on-air team is the only possible engine for continuous content improvement in your radio show or station. On-air teams must own listener engagement measurement. No matter whether your radio organisation is a national public broadcaster or a local independent radio station, you will embrace daily content evaluation.

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Agile radio, continuous improvement ready

On-air, programming, editorial, sound production, audience research teams need to embrace creation in short cycles and listener feedback at all stages in order to allow continuous improvement. Even if that requires that they come up with their own framework and terminology.

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Agile radio

I help radio stations become agile. What does that mean?

Radio can learn, improve and react faster to listeners who are changing audio consumption habits and spending less time with our medium. Radio stations are used to be fast for being first, but we need the mindset shift of being fast for being better. That is being agile.

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