Let's make agile radio!

Enhance focus and alignment in your on-air team.

Evaluate daily and boost -not stifle- your creativity.

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Who I am

Hello! I'm Tommy Ferraz, a passionate radio professional with over 20 years of experience. As a program director for national radio stations in Spain, I have led the design of formats, strategy, and programming, coordinated content research, and provided on-air and programming team training. Over the past decade, I have focused on a cutting-edge aspect of radio: data analysis applied to daily content evaluation. Through an iterative methodology, I have contributed to the transformation of music and news&talk shows in a number of European markets.


What We'll Do

Fears, biases, and unquestioned conventions often pose obstacles to achieving a deeper understanding of your listeners that is shared by all team members. Without continuous insights, stagnation due to doubts, being blocked by disagreements, or losing direction are likely outcomes. On the other hand, daily feedback, without the right mindset and methodology, can lead to haste or overreactions.

A collaborative, iterative, and empirical methodology empowers your on-air team to gain:


Daily (Self) Evaluation + Iteration = Agility On-Air

How We'll Do It

● Transforming on-air talent development. ● Embracing seamless processes of constant (self) evaluation. ● Combining traditional air-check techniques with Continuous Improvement methodologies. ● With a dual iterative approach: prioritising incremental improvements with the highest impact and conducting scientifically rigorous testing.

As a result, we will simultaneously foster creativity and agility in your shows.


Continuous Improvement




Accelerate listener engagement with our daily data visualisation and iterative methodology.

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